Friday, January 30, 2009

553 Message filtered

553 Message filtered

This Erro states that your emails are filtered by Spam Filter.

I suggest you to follow these steps below.

1) Check if your Email server' IP address is in Blacklists. or

If your IP address is in blacklist(s) . Contact them to remove your address and try sending emails to domains that you get this error after 24 hours.

2)Check if your Email server is open relay.

3) Check if your emails contain SPAM content.

Don't ever send more then 250 emails concurrently to AOL
Don't EVER embed an image in an email
Don't use caps anywhere in your email, especially in your subject line
Don't send an email without checking your Spam trigger word content**
Don't use the word "remove," use "unsubscribe"
Don't start your subject line with "Dear..."
Don't use Spam software to send email
Don't use your PC as a server
Don't forge headers
Don't put ADV in your subject line
Don't send an email without checking to see if you or your ISP is on a Blacklist**
Don't over use punctuation (just one !)
Don't leave headers blank
Don't use BCC to send emails (and certainly not CC)
Don't over use Marketing Phrases**
Don't use the Priority option
Don't change the time on your server so your email stays on top of the heap
Don't overuse HyperLinks
Don't use a fake IP address to send email
Don't use HTML (sorry)
Don't waste time sending email without using e-filtrate ;) e-filtrate is an automated system that makes sense of all this.

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4) Check your email server for virus or malicious software that can send SPAM

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