Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reset Administrator Password on ILO

Search you server for the "hponcfg.exe" file.

Write code below to notepad and Save file as "Administrator_reset_pw.xml"

Note: //newpass is your new ILO password

Copy Administrator_reset_pw.xml file to directory where hponcfg.exe file exists.

Open the command prompt (cmd)

Change the directory to where hponcfg.exe file exist (Usually c:\ProgramFiles\HP\hponcfg directory )

Type HPONCFG.exe /f Administrator_reset_pw.xml /l log.txt > output.txt (Press Enter)

After executing the command above, look inside the output.txt and log.txt files for error messages. If you have no error message(s). Your ILO password should be changed.

If you get "ERROR :firmware flash is in progress.Please wait for a while." you should use the newer version of hponcfg.exe file.

You can download the file from the links above.

For Windows 2003/2008 x86

For Windows 2003/2008 x64

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