Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Firmware Upgrade by using HP Library and Tape Tools

You can download HP LTT tool from the link below;

After Completion of download. Install tool to the Server that your HP backup device connected.

Open tool from Programs Menu;

Choose Hardware Scan then Press Continue.
Program will begin to search connected hardware;

After the search process tool will show the connected device. Double click on our device you will see detailed information.

You can perform test from this menu below;

For firmware upgrade Choose firmware button from the screen.

Program will show a warning screen stating that there no suitable firmware file on the server. Press OK to close this warning.

Press "Get Firmware from the web" button.

Control your firmware search criteria(s) than press download. Firmware file will be downloaded to our computer. After completion of download process. Close and open LTT tools and navigate again to Firmware menu. Latest firmware file will be showned there Press "Start Update" Button to start update process. Press OK on the warning screen.

After update process if you have the warning screen below , you hace a successfull firmware upgrade.

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