Monday, April 6, 2009

Exchange 2007 Local Continuous Replication

You can provide High Availibility to your Exchange 2007 server by using Local Continious future without using another hardwares.

To enable this future open Exchange Management Console. Choose Mailbox Under Server Configuration.

In the right pane in database managment TAB, Right click "First Storage Group" and Choose "Enable Local Continuous Replication".

click NEXT .

Enter path for system and log files .

Cick Next and Enter the path for LCR database.

(Using another physical disk will increase performance of your replication.)

You must use identical name for your LCR database file name.

Click Next. And click Enable on the next screen.
After successful completion . Click finish.

Control creation of new files by comparing two locations.

The time stamp on the source storage group of the most recently detected new transaction log file.
The time associated with the last new log generated by the active storage group and known to the copy.
LastCopiedLogTimeThe time stamp on the source storage group of the last successful copy of a transaction log file.
LastInspectedLogTimeThe time stamp on the target storage group of the last successful inspection of a transaction log file.
SeedingIndicates that seeding is in progress. Possible values are True and False.

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