Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Securing the Cisco IOS image file

You can hide the your Routers Cisco IOS by using Cisco IOS Resilient Configuration. Users can not view IOS information by using after "Show flash" command after this configuration.  By using this property you can hide the IOS and These secure files cannot be removed by the user. No extra space is required to secure the primary Cisco IOS image file.

The Cisco IOS Resilient Configuration feature is mainly intended to speed up the recovery process.

In Global Configuration Mode, use the commands below;

 secure boot-image    'Enables Cisco IOS image resilience

 secure boot-config    'Stores a secure copy of the primary bootset in persistent storage.


 show secure bootset ' Displays the status of configuration resilience and the primary bootset filename

Note: This feature is available only on platforms that support a Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) disk. There must be enough space on the storage device to accommodate at least one Cisco IOS image (two for upgrades) and a copy of the running configuration.

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