Monday, November 5, 2012

Portless File transfer by using Hping

PC1: Server that will receive file.
PC2: Host that will send file to PC2

On PC1, you should execute the command below;

Hping3 PC1_IP_Address  --listen fire --icmp -I eth0 > received_file.txt

Parameters that is using in command.

--icmp: Protocol 

  • -d: FileSize(Excluding Heading Information)
  • --sign: Word that will trigger file transfer
  • --file: File_Name

  • -c: Number of Packet
  • -I: Network Interface
  • --listen: Listening Mode

  • Because of trigger word "fire" ,While sending the packet we are losing 4 bytes data. It means when you want to send 35byte file, you will send 39 byte totaly.

    On PC2, you should execute the command below;

    Hping3 PC1_IP_Address --icmp -d 73 --sign fire  --file sendingfile.txt -c 1 –I eth0

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    1. blocks file transfer for Internal users as well as Edge users. In other words, ALL file transfer. It does NOT block just Edge file online storage


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