Friday, October 5, 2012

Cisco Catalyst 3750 IOS Upgrade

Cisco Catalyst 3750 IOS Upgrade Steps (by using TFTP)

  1. Download suitable ios image file from CISCO web site.(do not forget to Check the DRAM and flash memory requirements)
  2. Copy releated file to flash memory by using copy tftp:filename flash:  command

copy tftp:c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE6.bin flash

3) if you havent got enough free space in flash memory you should delete the old boot file by using;

delete /f /r flash:filename command before copying new one.


delete /f /r flash:c3750-ipbase-mz.122-50.SE5.bin

4) Verify the MD5 checksum of a file by using verify /md5 flash:filename command


verifiy /md5 flash: c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE6.bin

5) set the new file as boot file;

conf t
boot system switch all flash:c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE6.bin
write memory

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