Monday, October 29, 2012

SYMANTEC VONTU "TableSpace is almost full"

To enter SQLPlus, open a command prompt on the machine with Oracle installed.

 1. Enter "sqlplus /nolog" followed by enter.
 2. To login, type the command: connect sys/password@protect as sysdba

 [where password is the current protect password to the database]

 3. Check how many LOB0*.DBF files you files you have in the \ORACLE\ORADATA\PROTECT\ directory where '*' denotes the number of that file.

 So you will need to add another file with the name/number incremented by 1 so if you have 3 already you will need to add a the next one called LOB04.DBF like so:

  ON NEXT 10240K MAXSIZE 32767M;

 You should get a result of "Tablespace altered" if successful.
 Type Exit; to logout.

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